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All drivers who commute daily know that driving is more than a luxury or a living - it is a necessity. That’s precisely why we meticulously design and rigorously test Tourador Tyres to keep you safe on the road. Exceptional safety should not have to come at a premium or high cost.

Our team of experts adopts a clinical approach to tyre research, technology and development. By combining cutting-edge European technology and our economies of scale, our tyres allow you to experience unrivalled comfort and safety at fair prices.

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We produce a wide range of tyres for passenger and commercial vehicles. Whether you’re an 8-hour-a-day driver, a casual driver commuting to work or a high-mileage PHV-driver, our tyres are catered to your every need.


We are MOBILE now! Introducing our latest fleet of vehicles for 24hr on-site car recovery services!

AL Tyres Pte Ltd

AL Tyres Pte Ltd is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Tourador Tyres. As Singapore’s leading tyre and rim specialist, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction and excellent vehicle performance.

We deal with both new and used rims and tyres for local distribution and international export. Our great deals and value-for-money offerings set us apart, and we greatly value your continued trust in us.

To better serve our customers from all over the country, we have 5 megastores in Singapore. Please feel free to call us at 8418 1000 or drop us a message using the form if you have any questions.

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