X Speed TU1

RIM 15-20
E-C B 70-72


Increased Control & Stability

An external 3D lateral groove & kerf design reduces tire deformation at high speeds, while maintaining grip and handling. Speed and safety is never compromised even during cornering.

Optimized Tyre Tread Radiuses

Our multi-tread radius design ensures uniformed contact pressure, and combines with the external tread block design for impeccable cornering response time and handling.

Designed For Maximum Traction

The internal lateral groove & kerf design adds to lowered hydroplaning and braking distance for performance driving in all weather conditions.

Noise Cancelling Tread Pattern

We use a proprietary alternating A/B tread pattern and pitch sequence to reduce pattern noise, giving you a quiet, comfortable journey.

Uneven Wear Indicators

Uneven wear not only affects fuel efficiency, but compromises safety. Our Triple-Drop uneven wear indicators give drivers a convenient, reliable way to observe their usage and tyre wear.


15" 185/45R15 75V
15" 195/45R15 78V
16" 195/45R16 84VXL
16" 205/45ZR16 87WXL
16" 215/40ZR16 86WXL
16" 215/45R16 86H
16" 215/45R16 90VXL
17" 205/40ZR17 84WXL
17" 205/45ZR17 88WXL
17" 205/50ZR17 93WXL
17" 215/40ZR17 87WXL
17" 215/40ZR17 87YXL
17" 215/45ZR17 91WXL
17" 215/45ZR17 91YXL
17" 215/50ZR17 95WXL
17" 215/55ZR17 98WXL
17" 225/45ZR17 94WXL
17" 225/45ZR17 94YXL
17" 225/50ZR17 98WXL
17" 225/50ZR17 98YXL
17" 225/55ZR17 101WXL
17" 235/45ZR17 97WXL
17" 235/45ZR17 97YXL
17" 235/55ZR17 103WXL
17" 245/40ZR17 95WXL
17" 245/45ZR17 99WXL
18" 215/35ZR18 84WXL
18" 215/40ZR18 89YXL
18" 225/40ZR18 92WXL
18" 225/40ZR18 92YXL
18" 225/45ZR18 95WXL
18" 225/45ZR18 95YXL
18" 235/40ZR18 95WXL
18" 235/40ZR18 95YXL
18" 235/50ZR18 101YXL
18" 235/55ZR18 104WXL
18" 245/35ZR18 92YXL
18" 245/40ZR18 97WXL
18" 245/40ZR18 97YXL
18" 245/45ZR18 100WXL
18" 255/35ZR18 94YXL
18" 255/45ZR18 103WXL
18" 255/55ZR18 109YXL
18" 265/35ZR18 97WXL
18" 265/35ZR18 97YXL
18" 215/45ZR18 93YXL
18" 225/55R18 98V
18" 225/50ZR18 95W
18" 215/50R18 96WXL
18" 215/55R18 99VXL
19" 215/35ZR19 85YXL
19" 225/35ZR19 88WXL
19" 225/35ZR19 88YXL
19" 225/40ZR19 93YXL
19" 225/45ZR19 96YXL
19" 235/35ZR19 91WXL
19" 235/35ZR19 91YXL
19" 235/40ZR19 96YXL
19" 235/55ZR19 105YXL
19" 245/35ZR19 93WXL
19" 245/35ZR19 93YXL
19" 245/40ZR19 98WXL
19" 255/35ZR19 96WXL
19" 255/35ZR19 96YXL
19" 265/30ZR19 93WXL
19" 265/30ZR19 93YXL
19" 275/30ZR19 96WXL
19" 275/30ZR19 96YXL
19" 275/35ZR19 100YXL
20" 195/55R20 95HXL
20" 245/35ZR20 95WXL
20" 245/35ZR20 95YXL
20" 245/45ZR20 103WXL
20" 245/45ZR20 103YXL
20" 255/35ZR20 97WXL
20" 255/35ZR20 97YXL
20" 225/35ZR20 93YXL
20" 235/35ZR20 92YXL
20" 245/40ZR20 99YXL
20" 275/40ZR20 106YXL
20" 275/35ZR20 102YXL
21" 275/30ZR21 98YXL

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