European Green Technology

Tyres are an intricate balance of science, engineering and art. As the only point of your car that is in constant contact with the ground, tyres are engineering wonders that must withstand extreme speeds, sudden braking, high temperature while maintaining precise control.

European Green Technology is the brainchild of our experts in the Tourador Research & Development wing. Our specialists have developed a new compound concept that provides greater fuel efficiency while being environmentally friendlier than conventional tyres. Increased safety, comfort, cleaner urban mobility and cost efficiency are some of the key factors that we set out to maintain.

Our tyres are certified using international standards and we have been featured across continents for our great value and emphasis on safety.

Conventional Green Tyre

Conventional green tyres use SSBR, silica and coupling agents to provide better wet traction, rolling resistance and treadware than carbon black tyres

New Type Green Tyre

We use functional SSBR, modified silica, a new coupling agent and unique resin to provide excellent wet traction, lower rolling resistance and higher treadware than typical carbon black tyres.

New Concept Design

A combination of three types of cure accelerators optimize molecular crosslink and density, ensuring that tire performance holds up against time.

AL Tyres Pte Ltd

AL Tyres Pte Ltd is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Tourador Tyres. As Singapore’s leading tyre and rim specialist, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction and excellent vehicle performance.

We deal with both new and used rims and tyres for local distribution and international export. Our great deals and value-for-money offerings set us apart, and we greatly value your continued trust in us.

To better serve our customers from all over the country, we have 4 megastores in Singapore. Please feel free to call us at 8418 1000 or drop us a message using the form if you have any questions.

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